An Auspicious Start in the Year of Ox! Hot Scene — Hundreds of XCMG Golden Products were Sold Overseas!

On February 18, more than 400 sets of XCMG equipment were shipped to the countries along the “Belt and Road” with great strength and vigour. XCMG made an auspicious start on the first working day of 2021 the year of ox!In the new year, hundreds of XCMG equipment were arranged neatly on a giant ocean-going ship and were ready to be shipped overseas. The scene was very spectacular.



It is understood that the export products involve excavators, loaders, graders, cranes and other XCMG products. These equipment will help overseas countries fight the pandemic and recover their economies along the “Maritime Silk Road”.


While the overseas market is full of strength, XCMG pays special attention to the establishment of the circle of friends along the “Belt and Road” countries.

In recent years, XCMG has actively helped overseas “iron and steel alliance” to speed up infrastructure construction. According to the working conditions of different regions in the world, “customized” transformation is also carried out. In addition, XCMG has also continuously improved local after-sales services and formed a professional service team to ensure the normal operation of equipment.


The spring breeze was blowing the waves and the ocean-going ship was setting sail. It was not only loaded with oriental heavy equipment of XCMG, but also the mission and ambition of XCMG employees to face difficulties, take root in the international market stage and build a global leading brand!

Post time: Aug-18-2020