Ten units of reach stackers delivered to Port Sudan ahead of schedule

On January 16th, 2021, ten units of SANY SRSC45H1 reach stackers were fully commissioned at Port Sudan, only one week after this batch of equipment arrived at the port in northern Africa.


The commissioning process of ten units of reach stackers normally takes twenty days, making the end of January the estimated completion time for all installation and testing processes. However, anticipating potential delays due to COVID-19, the client kindly allowed postponement of the delivery date to early February.

Despite the extended deadline, SANY engineers still worked at their usual good pace and completed the work in only seven days, less than half of the expected timeframe.

“These reach stackers will further improve the operational efficiency of the port. It’s also hard to believe how fast you guys can get things done without compromising on quality,” said an official of Port Sudan.


Impressed by SANY’s speed, the client expressed their satisfaction by arranging completion celebrations. After the final installation, the ten machines were escorted by a squad of police motorbikes on their way to the container yard. Local performers were also invited to play instruments, bringing a joyous atmosphere to the scene.

At SANY, we promote an excellent work ethic and encourage our staff to combat inefficiencies and slowdowns. While quality is always our uncompromised priority, we insist on delivering services as fast as we can, knowing that timesaving is part of creating value for our customers.

Post time: Jan-16-2021